Favorites Bar sub-folders icon

you have changed the sub-folders icon for folders in the Favorites List, this is how it shows on my Favorites Bar

Is it now possible for us to change it ? If not put it on the feature request list please.

The first icon in your screenshots is the File Collection icon, unrelated to Favorites.

If that's being automatically chosen for a branch of the Favorites tree, what's the command that's generating that button/icon?

default favorites bar is generating it, I switch between text only or icons only, not usually both and recently switched from a few days of text only to icons only and the icon had changed from normal folder to collections folder, I thought it was something you have done in a recent update. Was wondering if it was user-configurable now. Obviously not, therefore must be a bug somewhere.

hmmm - weird! closing out of the command editor and customize mode and the icon has changed to this