Favorites button from Actual Window Manager not working


Using both software Directory Opus as well as Actual Window Manager I happen to have a long standing issue.
With Actual Window Manager installed a number of additional buttons show up in the title bar of pretty much all software I open. In particular in file explorer software or file open/save dialogs one of the extra buttons showing up is a 'star': a button for 'favorite folders'. The list is configured in Actual Window Manager while it features quick access to all those folders in other software through the 'star' button.

Normally clicking the star button a menu folds out containing the list of favorite folders like shown in this screendump

However, in Directory Opus no menu is folding out at all like shown in this screendump

It really is a Dopus thing: in most software it simply works as desired. The only exception I know of is the Corel office suite (WordPerfect etc.): in those file open dialogs no buttons from Actual Window Manager show up at all in the top bar as if the dialogs are 'stand-alone' software instead of making use of Windows native dialogs.

I remember in a far past it worked flawlessly; in a less far past it behaved random while now I haven't seen it working for maybe a year or longer. And this despite both software in the mean time having been updated one or more times. All other buttons from Actual Window Manager seem to work with the 'favorites' button as the only exception.

Is there a known fix for this issue? Reading this forum I haven't seen this particular issue being mentioned so apparently it works as supposed for other users of Actual Window Manager.

Roberto Muscia

We have no control over the non-standard menus their software adds to our window borders. Opus doesn't even know they are there, let alone get involved when they are clicked.

You should ask them about this.

May also be relevant:


I have the very same problem with DO and Actual Manager. It was working for many years without a problem but since a couple of months, the favorite and the recent folders are not poping up any more. In all other programs it is working only in DO not.

Once in a while it is working after a new reboot, but maybe only 1 out of 10 now

I have tried allready to delay the startup from Actal Manager or DO to define that one or the other is 1st during booting, but so far no success.

It is a strange problem but maybe you can have "an eye on it" while your developing DO further.

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Reporting this to the people who make Actual Manager would be the correct course of action here.

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Hi Jon,

certainly you are right and I have done this also.

The workarround is to close both Applikations - Directory Opus and Actual Manager and than start Directory Opus 1st and than Actual Manager.

What I am doing now is to let Directory Opus start automaticaly and start manualy than Actual Manager

I was hoping that I could define the automatic startup direction to make the same, but I was not succesfull - Actual Manager is not starting after I make the logon. I learned - after a couple of hours searching the internet that there are 3 ways to do "Autostart". Defining the order of starting programs in wondows looks like to be tricky, as far as I understood the descriptions

  1. Task (see picture, I tried this)
  2. Registry
  3. Autostart folder (items here should start at latest time, compared to the other 2)

In your settings you also just define Systemstart and you have a delay option there. But no explanation how and when it will work (and again it was working so far nicely for last couple of years and I alos agree that normaly - as a normal user - I would not care)

Directory Opus is a "System helper Tool" like Actual Manager to make my daily life with windows more comfortable. It is clear that there could be a interfearance (again the last couple of years I had no problems, not with Directory Opus and not with Actual Manager)

This is why I was asking that maybe you can have a look into it during your future development and make Directory Opus even better, even if it is not your fault. Maybe there is a smarter way to give the user a little bit more controll when Directory Opus is starting after a reboot?

Best regards,

It's up to Windows what order programs are started in after startup - we have no control over that.

If you're running Opus on startup you could use an Opus OnStartup script to start Actual Manager - then it would be guaranteed to not start until Opus was already running.

Hi Jon,
DO is a great and powerfull tool, I guess I use only 5% of the features, maybe less. I am just a user , so please be gentle if I ask very basic questions.

Best regards,


is this correct:

' Called by Directory Opus to initialize the script
Function OnInit(initData)
	initData.name = "Start_Actual_Manager"
	initData.version = "1.0"
	initData.copyright = "(c) 2021 cziegler"
	initData.url = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Actual Window Manager\ActualWindowManagerCenter.exe"
	initData.desc = ""
	initData.default_enable = true
	initData.min_version = "12.0"
End Function


function OnStartup(startupData) {
	DOpus.Create().Command().RunCommand('C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Actual Window Manager\\ActualWindowManagerCenter.exe');

A linked account is good forum etiquette.

Thank you very much! It is working!