Favorites no longer sync with tree

In solving the recent Display Fusion bug, I uninstalled and re installed DO. I also restored a saved configuration.

I no longer have favorites syncing with the tree. The lister does sync.

How do I get the clicking on a favorite to automatically go to the same place in the tree?



Just tested on my other PC on which I did not do a reinstall or a settings restore. Also not working.

Windows 1909 18363.752
DO 12.20.

I don't think it has ever done that. It would sync to the actual folder path (under This PC), not to the favorite.

That is what I want. The path is G:\Temp. As you can see the tree has not updated.

It looks like you selected Favorites > Temp in the folder tree? That would just change the file display to go to that folder.

If you then navigate somewhere else (e.g. a sub-folder), via something other than the tree, the tree will sync to that (under This PC or wherever the folder is). Similarly, if you had navigated to G:\Temp via any other method, the tree would sync to that path under This PC.

Leo, you once told me (or someone else and it helped me, too) that there was a setting to jump the tree to the real folder if you clicked a Favorite shortcut. What is the setting that affects that? I can't find it based on the wording of the settings.

There's something odd happening here. Just played with this here. When I first tried clicking a favorite in the folder tree - it jumped to the real path in the tree. I then played with the setting:

Prefs / Folder Tree / Appearance / Highlight path to folder tree (and those options below it).

Now, no combination of the options results in clicking the tree jumping to the real path. I wonder if it's related to having loaded a VERY old config which gave me the behaviour to start with?

I don't remember that, sorry. Maybe it was a script of some kind.

Thank you for confirming this behaviour in DO as I thought I was loosing it :slight_smile:

I just tested File Explorer's Quick Access and it works as I described:

  1. Minimize everything except for Quick Access.

  2. Click Temp and the tree expands to Temp and the folder details view also shows Temp.

I am sure that this used to work in DO.

I enabled Quick Access in the DO tree and this is what I get doing the same test:

  1. Minimize everything except for Quick Access.

  2. Click Temp and the tree does NOT expand to Temp. The folder details view shows Temp.

This is a weird one as I do recall it working in the same fashion as File Explorer.

Explorer's "Expand to open folder" option seems to control that.

I think running Go CURRENT will re-sync the tree to the real location in Opus, if it's currently on a favorite or quick access folder. Haven't tested that much, but it might help here.

Just noticed that Favorites menu here works:


How could I use that in the Favorite menu?

The favorites menu just takes you to the folder you click on in the menu, in its real location in the tree.

The favorites branch in the folder tree, OTOH, will not move the tree away from where you clicked, unless you then go into a parent or sub-folder.

(Personally, I think it would be pretty annoying in general if clicking one ting in the tree immediately jumped you to a completely different place in the tree. You could not click more than one favorite, without scrolling back up, if you wanted to look in one place after the other, or clicked the wrong one the first time.)

You shouldn't need to use it in the menu. If you want to use it after clicking something in the folder tree, just put it on a toolbar button or create a hotkey which runs it.

Hmmm, you have inconsistent behavior in your own app.

Your proposed solution is a hack and would involve two actions which negates the whole reason for a Favorite.

I have found a solution: Hide the Favorites in the tree and use the Favorite menu in the lister. Although it also requires two clicks at least it does what I expect. Another option is to create toolbar buttons.

Not ideal but a work around. I am convinced this used to work before.

Happy to leave it here....

I don't think it's inconsistent for the folder tree to avoid scrolling what you clicked on in the folder tree out of view.