Favorites panel in DO


is it possible to view Favorites Panel on the left side in main window ? Just like in Windows'es File Explorer.

It's not very userfriendly to click and dive into Libraries/Documents/... every time I need my favorite folder.


You can add Favorites to the bottom of the tree (via Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents) but not the top like in Explorer.

Hi Leo,

I added it as you suggested (Prefs/Folder Tree/Contects) and it works ok.

But is it possible to save this it via lister, when it's listed pulled down with all subfolders structuee ?

When pressing Win+E, by default it looks like this:

I would like it to look like this right after launch:


No, not currently, sorry.

FWIW, I create a few toolbar buttons for folders I go to regularly and want really quick access to. Just drag a folder to the toolbar while in Customize mode to make one.

Thanks Leo!

good solution.