Favorites Prefs: reuse existing tab option

Just a small suggestion in case anyone else finds this useful.

In Prefs / Favorites List, at the bottom where there is a check box to "Automatically sort", how about a check box to "Reuse existing tabs" (something like the NEWTAB=findexisting functionality)?
Or perhaps this box should live at the individual Favorite level, under Edit Favorites.

I often launch favorites through shortcuts, and I can keep track of what tabs are already open, so reusing tabs would be useful for me.

I realize that this can be done by making a "virtual favorites submenu" in a button (with menu items for each Go command) instead of using the built-in favorites, but this doesn't suit me as I share my toolbars with friends, and sharing that button with my personal favorites would not make sense.

Agreed. I'd like a configurable default option. In my case I'd prefer to open in a new lister. Even better if we could also configure default actions for Shift-Click, Ctrl-Click, and Alt-Click.

Regards, AB

The Favorites command supports both NEWTAB=findexisting and KEYARGS arguments, so I think you can do both those things already.

The only thing it won't affect is hotkeys assigned to favorites via the Preferences page (which will always open the folder in the current tab).

Wow, thank you, that's great!!!

I now realize that the behaviour I described is more like TABFINDEXISTING from the Go command, which doesn't open a new tab.

As far as I can tell TABFINDEXISTING is not yet supported in the Favorites command, or am I perhaps using the wrong syntax?


The recently-added TABFINDEXISTING for the Go command isn't in the list of arguments the Favorites command understands, so it wouldn't work with it (yet, at least).

Thank you, Leo.