Favorites - Searchable field that filters as you type

Hey there,
This may have been covered elsewhere, but I just wasn't sure where to look or what to search for.

I'd like to have a field I can type in in the toolbar that searches my favorites list and creates a dropdown of all of the favorites that contain the words I type.

I have a long list (20-30 favorites) that changes regularly and I find it tedious to look through the list to find the favorite I'm looking for. Being able to simply type a few letters and instantly filter to what I'm looking for would be a great help.

FYI for an example of this behavior, if you use bookmarks on Chrome, and navigate to "chrome://bookmarks/", there is a search bar at the top and when you type, it will filter the list below based on what you type.

Thank you!

Edit: An idea that I had would be if you start typing in the Location Path field it could exhibit the behavior above.

Edit 2: I was just thinking and what would be even more amazing is if there were a global hotkey I could press that would bring up a favorites search field with a dropdown and when I select the folder it opens automatically in a new tab in my current lister. Example usage: I'm in an email composition in Outlook. I hit CTRL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE (or other global hotkey). Small typing field appears. I type "dropbox" and all of my favorite folder locations that contain "dropbox" appear. I highlight the one I'm looking for and select it which opens dropbox in my current instance of DOpus.

It's definitely an interesting idea, and something that fits with something else we've been thinking about doing, although I don't know when or what exactly we'll do yet.

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