I am trying to make a Favourite of the results of a search.

I want to look at all the files in a particular (legal) matter.

All filenames in a matter start with the file reference eg., G1234. So searching is easy.

Two issues:

  1. If I add to the files, will that saved favourite Lister recognise the new files created after the saving of the Favourite, and display them?
  2. When I add one of these search results to Favourites, it just replaces the existing Favourite. So, at present, I am only able to get one Favourite saved. Am I missing something here?

I am not sure I totally understand what you want, but a button like

Favorites ADD PATH={filepath} 

is probably all you need.

Let me put it another way.

I want to quickly find all my files that commence with, say, g12345_

That is my file reference; it is always at the very start of the filename.

But I can't always remember what this reference is because I have many matters, each with their own unique reference.

I can always remember the client name though.

So I would like a favorites entry with the client name, say "Smith", that searches all files commencing with Smith's file reference g12345_

Or any means of doing this; a button would be ok.

Note that I am constantly adding new files to each reference. I might have 50 today, but 70 next week.

One way would be to use Stored Queries.

But I would probably just make a menu or toolbar buttons which run the Find command for each thing you want to search for:

Find g12345_* IN "D:\Clients"

Or similar. You can then give the button a label with the client's name, and click it to run the search whenever you need to.

You can use the Find command arguments to change what it does, e.g. if you want to output the results to a separate collection for each client.

If needed: How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

Leo, thanks, that's exactly what I want. This wasn't rocket science.

How do I make a new toolbar just for these buttons?

Settings > Customize Toolbars, then click the first button above the list of toolbars.