FAYT filter Up / Down arrow keys to select extension group eg grp:Archives like in DO12

A discrepancy I found between DO12 and DO13 is when hitting * on the numpad to activate the FAYT bar and trying to use the Up/Down arrows, I get an empty list. Maybe it gets eventually populated by configured filters or history now. In 12.x however it was automatically populated by both single extensions and extension groups eg. grp:Archives which were present in the current lister tab and it was easy to select one with the arrow keys and Enter to filter. I noticed there's a new button on the FAYT toolbar to do just that but I find it a lot more intuitive to just do the above via keyboard alone.

I'm pretty impressed with DO13 so far. Eagerly anticipating the release.


Extensions are in a separate menu, left of the field you type into now. Not sure if there is a hotkey for them, though.

I know there's a button Leo, that's what I mentioned.

Imagine doing it like this in DO12:

  • Reach for keyboard
  • Press * (activates FAYT)
  • Up arrow until you select grp:Archives
  • Enter (hides popup)
  • Do your stuff (Ctrl+A, Del, whatever)

Takes 3 seconds.


  • Reach for keyboard
  • Press *
  • Reach for mouse
  • Find the bar
  • Click on filter icon
  • Click again to choose what to filter - menu is multiselect so it doesnt collapse
  • Click inside lister (to close the filter menu)
  • Reach for keyboard
  • Do your stuff (Ctrl+A, Del, whatever)

Takes a lot more and is counterintuitive for those who got used to the first method.

I'm not telling you to remove the second way of doing it but to restore the possibility of doing it the first way. This is like making a console application which creates gui popups during its lifecycle (many python devs think that's a good idea) instead of prompting inside the console window.

We'll look at adding a hotkey for it, but in the meantime if you want to avoid the mouse, you can press Shift+Tab to move focus to that button, and then Enter to activate it.


in V13 pressing * then arrow keys does nothing. Therefore it is surely possible to implement V12 functionality without having to put an option in Filtering and Sorting/Filter Bar (which would be another way to go)

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To me, it seems DO13 adds visibility to more features in FAYT at the expense of access with more clicks. As a greedy human, can I have my cake and eat it, too - features and access?