FAYT problem with hashtags

Hi, I have a number of folders that have a hashtag in the name, and I'm having trouble getting FAYT to work with these. I've removed the # key in the preferences where it triggers a range search, but even after that it still doesn't filter like it normally does if I filter using just alphanumeric characters. What setting am I missing to fix this please?

Are you trying to filter or to jump to a filename?

Filtering normally requires you push the * key first (unless it has been made the default mode).

# is also a wildcard character, so you’d need to type ’# to escape it and look for a literal hash character.

Thanks, that worked. Filtering is the default mode. Interestingly, when using FAYT with alphanumeric characters, the matching string gets highlighted in the results. When using the '# as you describe above, this does not happen, even though the filtering worked. As a matter of interest, what do you mean when you say jump to a filename?

Jumping to a filename is the default FAYT mode out of the box. You type part of a filename and it will scroll to the first/next matching file and select it, while still showing all the other files.