FAYT: results disappear after scrolling out of sight


when I do FAYT and then scroll, as soon as the items get out of sight, their highting disappears, i.e the whole effect of FAYT disappears. (I have defined 999 seconds for the coloring to disappear automatically.)

May I ask why this is? Sometimes one just wants to scroll down a bit without losing the highlighting...

The highlight will stop if the FAYT field loses focus and closes. Are you scrolling with the mousewheel or by clicking the scrollbar?

Hmm, I don't know what's going on here. (I hope it's not Parallels-related).

Let's say there is a folder with 1000 files.
I select one file. Then I scroll up and down, sometimes over several "pages", sometimes just a bit. I scroll up and down for a minute, i.e. a lot. No unintended clicks happen, and the selected file remains selected (blue background).

Like I said, the delay is set to 999 for FAYT.

When I now use the same folder, and type "10", so all jpgs with "10" in their names are highlighted (that string), then I can wait for a minute and it will remain highlighted, as expected.

However, when I scroll up and down, the highlighting will disappear (not immediately, but after a second or two, after very little scrolling), as well as the find bar.

I scroll up and down with my trackpad (two fingers).

My impression is that perhaps DOpus moves the focus after a short delay into the file area, when scrolling is done? Perhaps the intention is that scrolling will always change focus, and the delay is just so that shoft unintentional movements will not cause focus change.

Scrolling with the mouse wheel should not normally change what has focus. I can't reproduce what you're seeing either. With the timeout set to 999 seconds, I can scroll a long way down and wait a long time without the FAYT field closing or the highlights going away. I typed this message after highlighting and scrolling on another PC, and things are still highlighted there.

It's possible Parallels is triggering a focus change or click with the mouse wheel message (or something else, like moving the mouse in and out of the VM's area, perhaps), maybe.

This is very weird. Sometimes I can easily reproduce it, consecutively, for many times, for minutes I could show you again and again. Then I changed the size of DOpus (restore window) within Windows/VM, and maximized it again, and the issues was gone. I went to a MacOS app and back to the VM / Dopus: still gone. But it was happening all the time, the last days. In any case, I will report if I can reproduce how to trigger it, and how to un-trigger it, if I find out. It's well possible it's a Parallels issue, but then that information will also be of use perhaps for other users.

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