[Feature Request] Add folder entry to New Tab Button options

In DO's Preferences/Folder-Tabs/Options, there is the setting "Display new tab button that opens a new tab showing:" and we can select Current Folder, Default Folder or Empty Tab.

Could we have an option to enter a user-specified starting folder/location into that options list?

Specifically, I want to always show my drive letters ("Computer") in the new tab if I click the + (new tab button), but it would be more generally useful to allow an arbitrary location to be set, as above.

While I have currently set a user-defined button* on my toolbar to open a new tab showing my drives, it would make more sense (aesthetically and practically) to simply leverage the existing + button next to the tabs.

*Thanks to happydog for that, from my original thread here: How can I "Open a new Folder Tab" to a specific folder

We'll add this to the next update.

That's brilliant, thank you!

Thanks for the great support, it makes my purchase feel even more worthwhile (not that it didn't before).