Feature Request: Copy Queue'ing


I've been using DOpus since 1.0 on Amiga and still love it. What I really like to see would be a copy queue instead of parallel copies.

Idea: If you detect a copy from/to the same source and destination, queue the copy process instead of copying parallel. Spinning disks will slow down much on parallel copies, so queueing a lot of copy processes can increase the work.


It has been requested in a million threads already. :slight_smile:

I believe GPSoftware plan to add it to Opus 10.

Oh, I'm sorry. I miss this feature for 20 years now :slight_smile:, I had to search before posting...

Can't wait for DOpus 10 :smiley:

This has not been added yet? You have to add this feature soon. It's a major necessity. Still waiting for this.