Feature Request - Delayed appearance of hidden & docked tool

Before contacting the Technical Support of Dopus I would like to discuss that topic here.

I really like this program and I literally every day explore new cool features.
But one thing makes me really nervous:

To start my applications without having a lister on top and without wasting space on my (always overcrowded) desktop I have a docked and hidden toolbar. Moving the mouse to the edge unhides it. As far as good.

But no matter which screen edge I take, there are always situations where I have to move the mouse there (closing windows, accessing the 'File' menu, pressing start button, ...).

And then the toolbar pops up. Huh... :open_mouth:

Then it takes (my feeling) half the breakfast break until it hides again. Prior v9 it was possible to insert a button with 'space' as text and make the toolbar transparent (i.e. through-clickable) so I could live with that.

A quiet easy way to avoid this could be inserting a delay before the toolbar pops up, another (probably harder to do) is the usage of hotspots.

Are there other neurasthenic guys out there ? :laughing:
One user requested that already ([Toolbar as Launchbar/Startmenu/Taskbar)) but with no consequence.