[Feature Request] Double-click Standalone Viewer to Close

I know there's already an assigned function to double-clicking on the standalone viewer (double-click to start slideshow, which I currently use). I'd like to be able to pick from closing the viewer and starting a slideshow.

I don't have the viewer full-screen, so finding the viewers close button can get tedious when opening and closing it a lot. This option would basically turn the entire image/viewer pane into a close button (for me, without even having to move the mouse).



I guess there was already an option to "Close on left click" or "middle click". But then I'll lose my scroll image feature I like when I zoom in. I can't use my middle-mouse button. it's just something about trying to push down a wheel that doesn't work for me. Plus it turns on my mouse's scroll feature if I move the mouse at the same time I click it.


How about a key modifier like Space Bar that would change the behavior?

That why we can have Left-Click to close(or some other feature) and Space Bar(or some other key) + Left-Click to scroll an image (like Photoshop and Fireworks), without having to change any options.


If we're talking about keys to modify what the mouse button does, you know you can push the Esc key to close the standalone viewer?

I didn't but that really doesn't help me much.

I have to look at it as, what do I do most of the time... I open the viewer, then close. I do that like 95% of the time. The remaining 5%, I zoom in and scroll around.

That 95% of the time, it makes sense(for me) to have the left-click close the window and not have to have my hand on a keyboard or near the Esc key (I have disabilities so I don't always have they keyboard on lap or hand near Esc key).

The remaining 5% of the time, I might be working on a project, so I will have the keyboard handy and hitting the space bar to scroll, makes sense (using the space bar 5% of the time instead of Esc key 95% of the time).

But, the whole idea behind this thread/request was for a really easy way to close the viewer. left-click set to close, gives me that. But then I lose my scrolling, which I now miss when I zoom in. If I could double-click to close viewer (original idea), I would set it to that. That way, left-click would still be my scroll. I could also then not rely on having keyboard handy (I know that sounds weird to not have a keyboard handy when at a computer, but that's my situation sometimes).

That makes sense.

We don't have scope to change this right now but I'll put it in my (very long) list of things to look at after the next version goes out.

FWIW, I've got one of the (many :slight_smile:) buttons on my mouse bound to Alt-F4 to close windows, which I find really handy (not just for the viewer but for just about everything). If you use AutoHotkey or AutoIt then those could also be used to set up a double-click action on the viewer to close the window with some pretty simple scripting (from what I've seen; I don't use them myself).

Thanks Leo!

Hello, I am looking for a decent wireless desktop set, after giving up on logitech. Would you mind telling me which particular mouse you use :question: Thanks in advance

I use Logitech mice and Microsoft keyboards. (OTOH, I don't like Microsoft mice or Logitech keyboards.)

[quote="leo"]I use Logitech mice and Microsoft keyboards. (OTOH, I don't like Microsoft mice or Logitech keyboards.)[/quote]Ditto.

I am using a wireless Logitech Performance MX mouse and a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. The latter is not wireless, but as it is not moved about, that doesn't matter.

Thanks for the info guys. I was curious to see if anyone used something like the razer 17 button gaming mouse?! Anyways, I'll probably settle for a bluetooth mouse since I need to free up some usb ports.

Is this working only with images? I am viewing HTML file and pushing Esc key does nothing (would be nice to close the standalone viewer window)...

Some viewers take over some keys for themselves.