Feature Request: Edit Selected Item Names

XYplorer has a really useful renaming feature that allows you to rename a bunch of files by simply editing the text.

I would really like to see this idea with a check box option to toggle column mode. Based on my experience with UltraEdit Column Mode. Make sure you can paste properly in column mode. If I set the cursor position down for a number of columns simultaneously, I expect it to paste that many times. UltraEdit Column Mode will only paste one time, even if the cursor position is simultaneously down a few columns.

You can use simple wild cards and regular expressions to insert text into multiple filenames (and much, much more) already.

There's also a script in the rename scripting forum for taking the new names from a text file or the clipboard if you still want to go the text-editor route.

You can also use up/down arrow in the file display while in inline rename mode to edit filenames right in the lister. You only have to hit F2 once, and all files you cursor to will remain in inline rename mode until you hit Enter or Escape or click elsewhere with the mouse. There's a 'Retain cursor position on inline rename' option that may help make navigating behave more like an editor...