Feature request, exclude drives from the history

I would like to prevent some Veracrypt drives and folders from showing in the history, since it's leaving traces. Would that be possible?

Better filtering and management of history would definitely be good. It's been on our list a while but has so many aspects (to do it properly without being leaky in one place or another) that we need to devote some proper time to looking at it and coming up with a good solution.

At the moment, one thing that might make sense is to set up a hotkey to clear things you don't want kept around, via commands (e.g. Recent CLEAR) and/or deleting unwanted files out of /dopuslocaldata\State Data and the MRU sub-dir there.

Searching that dir + sub-dirs for files mentioning the paths you want to keep private is a good way to get an idea of where they're likely to appear. Things there should be safe to delete, although a few may be kept in memory while Opus is running (so deleting them may not have much effect).

Thank you Leo, i will try out the State Data approach, since genereally i find the history very useful, so i wouldn't clear it completely. I will make a backup of the osd file before experimenting.