Feature request - FileMenu Tools integration

I've been using FileMenu Tools for a long time, and I think an integration with DO would be great. I especially like the FileMenu Tools feature where one creates a list of destination folders and a file can be copied\moved to any of the folders in that list by right clicking on the file.

Something similar would be fantastic, as is the great support for Everything.

Integration in what sense? From the screenshot, it looks like it's already working in Opus?

FWIW, you can already do something similar with Opus's built-in functionality. (Exact details depend on how you want to configure the list(s).)

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You can edit DOPUS context menus via the file types menu. As a former FileMenuTools users, DOPUS can add context menu items for everything FileMenuTools could and much more.

I created the list as seen in the screenshot with FileMenu Tools, which appears in Opus when right-clicking a file. Something like that is what I'm looking for. The majority of the folders have a move to command, with one or 2 a copy and move command. That gets executed when I select a (destination) folder in that list.

Oh great, that would save me having to install FileMenu Tools to do what I want. Killing 2 birds with one stone. How to do it, that is what I don't know.


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Yes, the first screenshot looks like what I would like. Just have to figure out how.

Another feature of FileMenu Tools I use is to select a root folder and search for empty folders and optionally delete them. Anything similar in Opus?

And an advanced renamer?

The Find and Rename commands.

The Opus 13 default Menu toolbar, Tools menu, has an example that searches for empty folders.

The Rename button on the default toolbars opens an advanced renamer.

If you need detailed help on either, please start separate threads with details of what you need to do.