[Feature Request] increase width of undo list menu

For me the list is rarely meaningful even for relatively short filenames or paths. It is far too narrow!

A new value for the 'LIST' argument of the 'UNDO' command:

Specifies a maximum width (in characters) for each item in the list.

Example: Undo LIST="maxwidth=70"

(Displays a list of undoable actions (acts as a dynamic button) with the specified width. Any operation from the list can be undone simply by selecting it from the list.)

Have you tried the Undo panel? That has resizable columns and probably makes the most sense in cases where it's not obvious from context and recent memory which operation in the list is which.

I could, but that defeats the purpose of having a menu at all. Its not always just about undoing the last action. On occasion I want to double-check the full path I moved to/etc. This would tell me at a glance. (and also if wrong, I just click)

Thanks for the suggestion.

Please, increase "Undo List" width. :confused:

[This used to be a separate thread, quoting from the post at the top fo this page. The two threads have been merged together.]

The undo log can be as wide as you want, and can be toggled on and off at the click of a button. Any reason not to use that if the menu is too narrow?

Of course I know about the log! :wink: But this is fast access menu vs more complicated ui tool.

At least make simple hover tooltips for menu items! :smiley: Please... :blush:

We'll make it like this in the next update:

YAY! :smiley: