[Feature Request] Info tip thumbnail in tile mode and more

1- Is there a way to prevent tiles mode from deactivating the info tip thumbnail?
I am using actually this info tip definition for image file

In details mode, I can see exactly what I set in info tip definition

But once I am switching to tiles mode, the thumbnail is missing

As my tiles thumbnails are 40x40 pixels which allow me to display more files, I would like to confirm easily the image I'm selecting is the right one just displaying the normal info tip view.

2- Is there a way to disconnect the size of the info tip thumbnail with the size of the thumbnails view?
Again, I would like to set a permanent size for the thumbnail from the info tip (256x256 pixels) even if the thumbnails mode is using something else.

I hope it is not a limitation with Windows API

Thanks for the suggestions. We'll look into what it would take to add them in some way.