Feature Request : More info with drap&drop


before I fill in a ticket for this feature, I would like to know if this actually is worth it IYHO.

When drag&drop'ing files between listers, it's always somewhat of a gamble to know which the default action will be, "Copy" or "Move".
I understand that a file dragged onto the same drive will default to "Move", so it's always checking out the lister body to see if both panes are open somewhere on the same drive or not.

When we drag an item we get a dimmed Target: underneath our filename, would it be a good request to get the dimmed text to read like Copy: or Move: , or should we left it as is is please ?

If I'm not mistaken, you will always see a "+" sign when the file is being copied and the "+" sign will be missing if the file is being moved.

Ah, that I never took notice of. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot daddyman.