[Feature Request] Re-add ImageShack upload again

Unfortunately the ImageShack uploader has been removed from DO 11:

Now that ImageShack have moved to pay-only we are going to remove the uploader from Opus 11 since there seems little point keeping it.[/quote]

I really do not see the point here - why exlude people who pay for something? :frowning:

Please, re-add ImageShack uploader to DO.

With so many free options available, we assumed very few people would pay for a service which just puts images on the web the same as so many other services can do.

We've found ImageShack a pain the deal with as well, when trying to get them to tell us how they wanted us to interact with their service and API.

Which free option is integrated in DO 11 or can be added manually?

Flickr is the only integrated option.

Any service providing an upload tool can be integrated into Opus trivially prodivded the upload tool lets you give it a filename to upload.

Anyone can write such a tool if they wish to, too, without requiring any knowledge of Opus at all.

Sorry, but I cannot see a solution as comfortable as ImageShack uploader in DO 10 was...
just select an image file, click a button to upload, then a popup window appears providing the link to the image file.
Apart from the fact that I'm satisfied with ImageShack and not satisfied with Flickr, is it correct that Flickr integration in DO is just a sort of synchronization between local and remote files? So I have to go to the webpage to get the image file link?

... yes, bring back Imageshack uploader.
One of my most used functions in DO.
One click upload applications with options to BBcode and send link to clipboard at the same time.... simply don't exist anywhere else


There is nothing stopping someone from writing their own uploader, for ImageShack or any other service with an API, that works identically to the uploader in Opus 10.

... sure, it's a possibility...
But unfortunately we're not all programmers.... some help or base base point, maybe? The code from DO10?



File manager, forum software, operating system... :unamused:

Sorry, but this is like the cook saying "cook for yourself" when you're not satisfied with what you get at at restaurant.
You could even tell your loyal customers "take it as it is, but don't bother us with useful features which have been removed all of a sudden after you paid a lot of money for an upgrade".

Every feature that Opus has we have to support - both in terms of customer support, and maintaining the feature and making sure it continues to work into the future. This is particularly problematic when the feature depends on factors outside of our control - as in the case of a third-party web service.

When ImageShack was a free service with an open API it seemed like a reasonable trade-off - yes, it was a third-party service, but it was reasonably simple to access and it provided a very useful function, so it was worth the effort. However it is now a paid-only commercial service. The feature instantly becomes useless to most of our customers, who will not want to have to pay for it, and we would still be in the position of having to support it.

Additionally, now that they have started down the track of charging customers, there's no guarantee they won't start charging developers as well. We would not want to find ourselves in the position of having to pay for a licence fee to access a service that only a few of our customers are actually using. This is why we decided to remove the feature from Opus 11.

... nothing changed with the Imageshack API and the way it can be implemented.

[quote]From IS site:
The Imageshack API is a RESTful API which uses HTTP requests and JSON responses.
This API is still in development; however, it is mostly completed and going forward all modifications will be backwards compatible.


I've explained our reasoning, cherry picking and attempting to rebut one particular phrase isn't going to make us suddenly change our mind.

... understood.
Please don't hold it against me for trying .... :wink:


I guess the point here is that your user base found the upload tool to be very useful, and many of us would appreciate it if you could implement a similar tool with another image upload provider.

You have very clear and sound reasons for removing the current tool, but so far the only reason for not offering a replacement is "you can make one yourself". I guess some of us just find that a little frustrating. Lately it feels like you guys are saying "Listen up, loyal customers: we just implemented scripting, so if you want a new feature (or in this case, a replacement to a feature that has been removed), you can go ahead program it yourself!"

Why not ask one of the image hosting providers to make a tool themselves? Then they can support and maintain it as a value-add to their service.

Some of them had done this in the past, e.g. Flickr provided an image upload tool (I don't know if they still do) so it is not a crazy thing to request.

All they need to do is write an exe that you can pass a filepath to that talks to their API and the tool can then be integrated into Opus as well as various other programs and scripts.

In fact, there already are such tools. Did anyone look for or try them out before now?

Here's one I found: imageshack-uploader.en.softonic.com/ (Dislcaimer: I have not tried it so it could be unsuitable for use with Opus, or terrible in some way, or open a portal to another dimension.)

ImageShack themselves have an app called SkyPath that includes a Windows version and may be suitable, too: imageshack.com/pages/skypath/

I share the disappointment of others here that the function has been totally dropped without at least trying out other free services, leo has already said there are plenty of others to choose from.

Personally I would have liked Imgur as an alternative, the tools in their download section pretty much all leave a lot to be desired and nothing is nowhere near as easy as DOpus made things, click, click done. I would gladly give up several of the new DOpus features which I'll probably never even use for a nicely working image upload function again....

There are several Imgur uploaders for Windows which sound like they'll work perfectly with Opus:


Come on folks, the stuff you want already exists, you just have to look for it.