Feature request: save the list of folders that are being searched


I would like to formally request that the possibility be given (button) to save the list of folders added to the list of folders that are to be searched. For example, the user might often want to search 7 folders that are located at various places on the computer, perhaps even on external drives etc. --- With the new feature, the user could select from a drop-down list the folder group that he saved and they would all be added to the folder list. There should be a check box whether or not the folders should be added to already existing folders in that list, of if they should replace them.

This would save me a lot of time / from a lot annoyance -- I am aware that therer are commands that can achieve sth similar, but they require some typing every time and lack the convenience of the search interface.

Thank you a lot for considering this.

We have plans to make this easier, but for now you can make buttons/hotkeys/menu items which run commands like this:

Find IN "C:\Program Files" "D:\Abc" "D:\Xyz"

And those will open the Find panel and set it to look in the specified folders.

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