Feature request: skip copying empty folders and empty files

I use Directory Opus to copy all the files from my Samsung S20 android phone to my computer every month as a backup just in case I lose my phone.

What I noticed is that a lot of empty folders are copied in the process every time I do a backup and then I have to use another program to search for empty folders and delete them from my computer.

For some reason the android directory structure contains a lot of empty folders. 1273 empty folders from my most recent backup.

I would like to have a feature built into the copy/move dialog box that would allow me to skip copying empty folders. So it would be something like this: [x] do not copy empty directories

Another useful one is: [x] do not copy empty files
There is a ton of zero-sized files that I have no need for, they are just empty files.

Could we have these features added to the program please?

Thank you!

This can be done with a Copy Filter.