Feature Request: Synchronize Lister Views

Hello there,

Not sure if it's not available somewhere hidden within Directory Opus - it would be nice if someone would point me in the right direction then.

It is possible to synchronize folders, which is great, but I do a lot of imaging of folders to remote places and it would be great if just the views or different lister views would synchronize. When talking about lister views or views I mean e.g. the "Dual Horizontal Style" with two browsing regions.

I know this feature from FlashFXP: I set my home directory to e.g. C:\My Files\Special Folder\Home Directory\Stuff and on the remote FTP site I can choose to "synchronize browsing" with the current folder, meaning the root of the remote site mirrors C:...\Stuff. Then, when clicking on any subfolder within Stuff, also the FTP Folder changes automatically.

It would be great to have a button to synchronize lister views or browsing in DO as well. This button should only compare folder names to make it easier to implement and understand. So when I click the synchronize views button and move one folder up (e.g. from C:...\Stuff to C:...Stuff\Images) on the mirrored directory DO should look for the same folder name and if existing change into that one as well for the other lister view (e.g. P:...\Stuff o P:\Stuff\Images).

Maybe somebody shares my suggestion or if any more details are needed I am willing to explain more.


Opus already has this:

pretentiousname.com/opus9/pa ... gationlock

Perfect - thank you!

Unfortunately I do not have this option in the right-click menu and my right click menu does not have the fancy icons which are displayed in the video.

Two questions arise therefore: How to activate the fancy icons within the context menu and how to activate Navigation Lock to display in the context menu?

Excuse my lack of knowledge (and I did try to search the Prefernces) :wink:

I'm sorry I have to bump this up.

I do not have the context menu shown in the video you posted a link to. Also I do not find "navigation" or "lock" corresponding to this functionality in the preferences of DO.

I am using version on Win XP.

My context menu is very plain without icons and I do not know where to activate the icons (See screenshot attached of my current folder context menu).

Navigation Lock isn't on the default context menu. You can add it to any menu, toolbar, context menu or hotkey using this command:

Set NAVLOCK=Toggle

A pre-made Navigation Lock button which runs that command can be found in Settings -> Customize -> Commands -> Go and you can drag that to a toolbar or context menu.

If you want to edit your lister context menu, go to the Context Menus tab in the Customize window, select Lister Context and click Show; then edit it like any other toolbar or menu. (See the Toolbars 1 video in the tutorials section of the forum to learn the basics of toolbar editing.)

Beautiful. I love finding out more and more about DO. Thank you.