Feature request: turn off selection overlay for thumbnails

Hi, I am evaluating DO.
Would it be possible to add the option to DO that would select the thumbnails like W. Explorer does - only "framing" the thumbnail and not rendering gray overlay over it. When I select images in thumbnail mode I still want to see their original colors without any overlay - this way it´s a lot more clear what I selected. I can easily review my selection etc.

Dir. Opus´ selection overlays thumbnails so their colors are adjusted:

W. Explorer just frames the thumbnails. While the pictures are selected you can still see the original colors:


Leo wrote:

Selected thumbnails are tinted with what I think is the system-wide Selected Items colour (which can be changed via the Window Color and Appearance control panel in Vista/7).
There's no way to specify no colour at all, though. You could set it to a grey colour so it only changes the brightness of the selected images and not the colours but I think that's it.

Jon wrote:

The thumbnails are blended with the standard system highlight colour when selected. There's no way to disable this.

But if you want to put your suggestion into the feature request list, send GPSoftware a note:

Thanks for reply, Christiaan. As you said changing the color of selection solves nothing. It would still alter the qualities of the image thumbnail.

I wanted to send this suggestion directly to DO team but I guess I can´t anymore since I have been using my evaluation version for more than 30 days and their support page reads: [quote]Evaluation versions qualify for support for the first 30 days only of the trial period.[/quote]