Feature request: Underline context-menu keyboard-shortcuts

When I select a file or folder in Windows Explorer and press the "right-click key" on the bottom row (right-clicking the mouse doesn't do it), the keyboard shortcuts in the context menu are underlined. There is no underlining, however, when I do the same thing in Directory Opus. It's a useful feature --- how else, for example, does one ever know that the keyboard shortcut is even there --- could it be added to DOpus?

(By the way, I know that the Windows Explorer context menu sometimes has extra keyboard shortcuts that it does not underline, which is a real nuisance when you are creating them.)

Not a bad idea. Now we have to guess, if & which key is assigned, although it´s maybe not too hard to remember.

Will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks very much, Jon. By the way, just to confuse things a little --- I reported the situation as it was yesterday on my HP desktop running Windows 7 Professional, and it was the same after restarts this morning and this afternoon. On the other hand, underlining of keyboard shortcuts did occur on my ASUS laptop, running Windows 7 Home Premium, for a very short time this afternoon after startup, but then it disappeared again. Yet more evidence that computing belongs in empirical science, not in pure mathematics.

With the new version, everything seems to work perfectly now on both machines. Thank you very much.