Feature suggestion: File Info Pane

In Preferences, File Types, Info Tip, one can customize info tips, which is super helpful. It would be great if there were a pane - thought of as an alternative to the Metadata Pane - that shows information that looks exactly like these info tips. For this, each file type in "Preferences, File Types" would have an additional configuration tab named "File Info Pane" where the user can define what should show up for each file type in the file info pane, as opposed to what shows up in the info tips.

(The idea behind having an additional configuration tab in "file types", instead of just using the normal info tip, is that the user might want to have much more, or less, data displayed. "Less" might be needed if the user also has the Viewer Pane visible above -- there could also be an option, under "file info pane" that would say "show same info as in info tip" - this would be activated by default.).

The File Info Pane would be particularly useful in cases where the Viewer Pane uses up space of vertical columns. Their info could then show up in the File Info Pane beneath the Viewer Pane, without the need for the user to manually hover over each file for which he needs info that otherwise would be visible in vertical columns.

Edit: An important aspect of the File Info Pane would also be minimalistic appearence, as in not wasting space unnecessarily: The line spacing could be the same as in info tips.

Also: Is it correct that it is not possible to create a toolbar that simply consists of a field that will show the relative location of the file currently selected (if exactly one file is selected)?