Feature Suggestion - Full Path in Export Folder List

Greetings. I thought I would post this suggestion and see if anybody else would like to see such a feature.

I'm heavily using the Print/Export Folder Listing function. The customization of this feature is excellent, except that it doesn't have an option to print the entire, full paths for files and folders to the exported file.

For example, if 123.txt is located in F:\ABC, an option to show the full path of F:\ABC\123.txt in a column of its own would be most welcome. In the current version of Opus, there is only functionality for location (F:\ABC) and parent folders, rather than full paths.

I conversed with Leo via email some weeks ago, and he helped me work out a solution using Excel. Top-notch support! Excel has some problems when trying to export Unicode text files, though, which is an issue. Getting rid of having to use another program for these tasks would be nice.

I guess we could add a Full Path column, but where are you feeding the output to?

If it's a csv file then it's usually easy to join together two of the columns as part of whatever other processing is done on the data.

On the other hand, if it's just a list of filepaths that you want (so the thing consuming the list won't be doing any processing or be able to join things together) then there may be a couple of better ways to generate the file list, depending on the details of what you're doing.

Hey Leo. I work with recording musical instruments for later integration into music software products. At a studio session, I export the folder listings to a plain text file, which includes pertinent file/folder info, sizes, counts, timestamps. An option for full paths would especially save time here. The text file is emailed to colleagues for review. I also print a paper hard copy for use in the studio.

At a later point in time, a tab separated file is exported, which is used for import to a database.

Which of those stages does it cause a problem with?

My assumption was that people wouldn't mind (and may even find it helpful) that the filename was in a separate column to the filepath when reading the list in email or print-outs, and that it would be trivial to make the database import part join the two columns together as part of the import process.

I've put a "Full Path" column on our to-do list either way.

The first stage. The colleagues that I'm doing the recording work for request that the information is presented in such a way; they dictate the workflow.

Thank you very much for putting it on the list.