Feature Suggestion: Interoperability with Mobile platforms

OK so i have an idea to suggest, that will make this great program even more complete (if that is even possible).
How about a mobile application, that will store disk information the way cataloging software do, like (whereisit or other similar software) so you can plan file/folder operations offline when you're away from home, save them as some sort of action script, and apply changes when back in range with the drives!

So lets say I'm somewhere outside, I'm dying to move some folders around to make my disks nice and tidy and organized but i'm on the road. So far the best option I've got is some sort of remote management that requires internet running on both systems. But if you can save filesystem structure, so you can view them offline on some tablet or mobile device, plan operations and apply changes when you get back that would be perfect!

How does that sound everyone? Just thought i could share my idea. Its just a suggestion! :smiley: