[Feature suggestion] Windows Explorer mode

I'm very used with the Windows Explorer shortcuts, such as Alt-D for address bar and Ctrl-E for search. Those also work in the most popular Web Browsers - Firefox, Chrome, IE. It would be nice to add a quick way to switch the shortcut scheme.

You can change the shortcuts easily:

[ul][li]Settings -> Customize Toolbars[/li]
[li]Right-click the thing you want to change and select Edit[/li]
[li]Set the hotkey to whatever you want and click OK twice.[/li][/ul]

The defaults in this case are F4 and F3, which are also the defaults in Explorer. (The problem is, Explorer has several different hotkeys for the same things, and we have to pick one hotkey for each thing.)

Hi leo, the problem I'm having is that I reinstall Windows very often and every time have to set quite a few shortcuts.

Is there a way to automate this?

How to backup or locate your Opus configuration gives a couple of ways to do it.