"Feature Transfer Error: Catastrophic Failure" Running DOPUS 12.7 Update

I tried applying the 12.7 update from "Check for program updates". In the middle of the install wizard, a box pops up with the text 'catastrophic failure'. When this box is dismissed, the wizard also disappears and update has not been applied.


Please try the things in this guide. The error message doesn't match any of them exactly, but we've seen the same underlying problem trigger different error messages from InstallShield before:

Also check if any antivirus scanner may be blocking the new files, which happens more often when they are brand new and haven't been widely seen by the av tools.


I manually downloaded the 12.7 installer rather running from the program updates dialog. Running the manually downloaded installer I was able to successfully upgrade.

If anyone is interested, I'm on Windows 10 with Microsoft's virus protection (no third-party AV).



Hi!, i´ve the same problem, but i downloaded the 12.9 version on my work´s notebook. I hope yu can help me. I´ve already read the manual that Leo recomended, but i can´t find the solution to muy problem.
Thanks in advance!!


Everything mentioned in Problems installing Opus is worth a try, even if the error message you're seeing is slightly different.

For some reason, InstallShield's can show a different message for the same type of error sometimes, but one of those fixes almost always works. (That said, the message you're seeing is most similar to the 3rd suggestion, so I would try that one first.)

Have you tried all of the suggestions on that page already? If not, please try them and let us know what happens.