Few "Select" with on button

Hello. how i can make few "select" and "copy move" commands with one click like this?

go C:\Users\DESKTOP\Documents\_PDFCreator
select *420x297*pdf
copy move to C:\Users\DESKTOP\Documents\_PDFCreator\NoLogoA3
select *594x420*pdf
copy move to C:\Users\DESKTOP\Documents\_PDFCreator\NoLogoA2
select *841x594*pdf
copy move to C:\Users\DESKTOP\Documents\_PDFCreator\NoLogoA1

If you just want to move a specific file/wildcard somewhere, you can give the name (if it's in the current directory) or path (if it's in a fixed location) to the Copy command directly. You don't need to select anything or change folders.

copy "*594x420*pdf" move to "C:\Users\DESKTOP\Documents\_PDFCreator\NoLogoA2"
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