File and folder names are shortened

I've gone through all of the settings to try finding something related to this, but I can't seem to find anything. The names are completely fine in Windows Explorer. The names are also fine on my other computer. I searched the forums for anything similiar and it's like I'm the only person this has ever occurred to. Have a look at this screenshot of the main drive:

Please link your account for help with this particular issue.

It isn't exactly mine to do so, it's a friends laptop that was given to me. Also, his computer that I referred to as "my other computer" is actually not mine at all, it just sounded a lot better than saying I was posting here for someone else. How exactly do I go about linking an account? That link you provided refuses connection (Chrome error page: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED).

What you're seeing is caused by using a pirate version.

That it has suddenly gone from a problem quite explicitly described as one you were personally seeing, on your computer, to something on your friend's computer, with some other excuses thrown in, doesn't look good. :slight_smile:

Is the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED because you've tried to block connections to GPSoftware websites other than this forum for some reason? :slight_smile:

Anyway, if all of this is a big coincidental misunderstanding and you have a legitimate Opus licence, you just need to link your account using the web page you've already found for doing so (which is working fine as I type this), which proves you're a legitimate customer, and we will then be happy help.

I don't even know if the license is valid, he just said that dopus was better than explorer. I had never heard of it before that. It seems to be working fine on his computer though. It was working fine on this laptop too, until just about 3 days ago. I don't know if the sites are blocked either, they don't seem to be blocked in Comodo.

So you don't know anything about Opus or these computers, and your "friend" does, but you're the one coming to our tech support forum instead of him, talking like you were him at first?

This is getting ridiculous. Please stop wasting your time and ours with this charade.

The problem you're seeing can be solved by buying a licence, installing the licence, and if necessary reinstalling the latest version of Opus.

If your friend still has problems, they should create a linked account (or let you link your account to their registration; we don't care, as long as the account is linked) and we will help them further.