File and Folder text over top of a background with both light and dark colors

I have a sci-fi related image that I really love and want to use as a shared background inside my lister. The problem I keep running into and cannot figure out a way around is an issue that is inherent to all space related photoigraphy... the imaging contains both the darkest darks and the brightest brights. Because of that range, it is nearly impossible to select a text color that can be used anywhere over top of that image and always be legible. Is there some way (perhaps it is hidden) to set DO to use either shadowing or outlining of a font where you can, for example,. use both white and black so that each character is visible regardless of the background and still be able to set the transparency / opacity so that a background image can be used.

Rendering outlined or shadowed fonts would be many times slower. Better to choose a more suitable background image, or modify the image so the contrast is lower. Not all images make good backgrounds.