File association problem?

First-time poster here with little or no computer knowledge, so please go easy on me if I state the obvious or appear thick! :smiley:
I recently purchased dOpus version 10 and it works fine on my W7 PC, but only if I click the desktop shortcut to open it up. When I plug in any USB memory or my Samsung external hard-drive I get the usual dialogue box offering me the option to open the contents using a variety of media, including dOpus which is actually the defaulted one (see the image below.)

However, when I click the dOpus option the window closes, but dOpus doesn't open. Instead I have to navigate the long way round by opening dOpus from my programs and then find my way to the USB or whatever.

I'm sure that there is a simple way to make the correct connections, and someone in here will be able to tell me in seconds; please ...

Nossy :wink:

Well, I've linked my account to this and I'm still waiting.
Where's my 'priority support'? :frowning:

One possible cause is that Opus has been run elevated, which would prevent it from recieiving the request to open the folder. How to check that, and other related details, can be found here: Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC

If that doesn't help, are you able to launch Opus in other ways, e.g. by creating an empty folder on the Windows desktop and then right-clicking it and choosing the option to open it in Opus?

Unfortunately this is a limitation of Opus Light. That option relies on Explorer Replacement, which Opus Light doesn't support.

Double-clicking on any MS Word file (*.doc or *.docx) in DOpus brings-up an "Open with" dialog box.
"Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is checked. Nevertheless, this dialog always appears after double-clicking on a Word file requiring an extra click to open the file. This only occurs with MS Word.
All other programs open in the desired program without having to go through the extra steps.

Its not disastrous, just an irritation.

DO version (4913) x86

Please update to the latest version of Opus 10 (, in case the issue was resolved in the versions after came out.

Please also check what happens in Windows Explorer, in case the issue is not with Opus itself.

If you still see the problem in Opus, and don't see the problem in Windows Explorer, please run FileTypeDiag on the .docx extension and post the results to a new thread (since this thread is about an unrelated question, despite some relevant words in the title).