File Collection and double click


I'm using Opus (5215) x64 with Win7. Recently I've been using "FIle Collections". I've noticed if I have a file open from a File Collection. Then open another tab from Dopus, I cannot double click on a subdirectory and have it expand the lister. (sorry if my terminology is wrong).

My steps are:

  1. Open Dopus
  2. Navigate to the File Collection and open a file by double clicking. (it doesn't seem to matter what kind of file, even a simple .txt file).
  3. Open a new folder tab.
  4. Navigate to a new drive (using the drive letters on the ribbon).
  5. Double click on a subdirectory ........ it doesn't open
  6. close the file opened in step two
  7. Double click on a subdirectory ........ it will open in the lister.

Is this issue known or perhaps unique to my configuration.



I haven't been able to reproduce this in Opus 10 or Opus 11.

If you have customized your file or folder double-click settings, that may be related.

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the fast reply. I'm not aware of any changes I've made to the double click settings (not sure where to look). I will in the next few days reset my configuration (after saving) and try again.