File collection thumbnail mode Folder contents

Hello, is there a way to view thumbnails of images within folders in folders added to file collections, just as it works for normal folders?

I am not referring to creating an ico to display, but that D.O. reads the contents of a folder and shows some thumbnail images instead of the generic blue/yellow folder of file collections.

In the screenshot, on the top lister is the actual location of folders with thumbnail previews.
The bottom lister is from file collections, and no thumbnails appear.

Those are sub-collections rather than folders in collections.

Is that intentional, or do you just want the top-level collection to give you a list of folders?

Each top level collection is categorized in sub-folders/ sub-collections, directly dragged from original location intentionally.

So you want to manage each sub-collection individually?

i.e. If a file is added to one of the real folders it will not be added to the corresponding sub-collection automatically, until you manually do so, for each individual file.

Ideally i'd like new files in actual folders to be added automatically in collection. is that possible?

In that case you want to add the folders to the main collection (as members), and not turn the folders into sub-collections at all.

And doing that will also give you the thumbnails that you want.

Preferences / File Operations / Copy Options / When copying folders to a Collection controls this:!Documents/Prefs/Copy_Options.htm

It's usually set too Ask how to copy, which will prompt you for Members or Subcollections each time.

Ok, so do I have to re create the collections or will it apply to sub folders already in collections?

You would have to remove the sub-collections and add the folders you want to the main collection as members.

Οκ I can see the thumbnails now, but whenever I double click to open the sub-folder in the collection it redirects form collections to actual folders location, whereas before I was still in the collections.

That's normal. You're no longer in the collection at that point.

If you want something that behaves like you want, creating a folder with soft-links to other folders is probably the best way to do it. Collections are the wrong tool for the job.

(Libraries may also be useful, depending on how the folders are arranged. If they all have a few common parent folders and there's nothing else in those parents you want to exclude, then a library lets you merge all the parents together.)

Thank you for the insight! I had never looked into libraries really.
Is there a way to convert collections to library items?
I have quite a number of collections set up the way I want, it would be a pain to recreate all from scratch as libraries

Hmm, not easily, that I can think of.