File Collections

Is there a way to automatically "clear" the file collections before ending Opus, or possibly when starting Opus. I'm using Opus 10.
It takes awhile to start becuase the file collections have to be populated.

Thanks in advance... Bob Gregory

I'm not sure that there is a good way to do that at the moment.

What's causing large file collections to be left around? I know that someone recently found it was happening just because "Clear previous results" was turned off in the Find panel and the results of each Find were accumulating.

The collections are all stored within the /dopusdata/Collections alias/folder, which you could delete automatically, but it would be best for the deletion to happen when Opus isn't running. (e.g. Via a little batch file which deletes the dir and then opens Opus.)

I just delete my collections manually if I do anything which results in a large collection.

That was me :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, even with "Clear previous results" option turned on, file collections can grow large in a single search if I for example search svn repository of several projects at once. FWIW I would appreciate an option in preferences to make file collections of search and compare tools to be temporary file collections. With that option turned on Opus would simply clear search & compare file collections instead of validating them on start.

I guess it makes sense, or maybe a way to turn off validation of collections on startup. I've made a note to look into it.