File Comments in Windows 7?

In WIN XP, it was possible to attache a general file comment (not description using descript.ion) to a file if the file was on an NTFS partition.
That feature seems to have been removed in WIN 7, so that only certain files can have specific properties with values. That makes it impossible to write generic comments on any file.
Is there some workaround, using dopus, a registry hack etc to get the comments back in WIN 7?

Very strange that this was removed in WIN 7....

Yes Microsoft got rid of this ability in either Vista or Win7. I remember reading that it was felt the NTFS method had a number of problems (not persistent on other file systems, doesn't stay with the file when it is emailed or archived, etc). Of course there's no real reason they couldn't have left it in with an option to re-enable it but then again Microsoft aren't really into letting users make decisions like that.

Not much we can do about it in Opus - for the moment, descript.ion is your best solution.

How do we use descript.ion in DOpus on Windows 7? Unfortunately I thought that the file comments tab in File Properties was using descript.ion. Apparently I am pretty clueless about this!

Anyone know where I can read up on use of descript.ion? (Unfortunately searching for it on Google doesn’t help - Google ignores the period and brings back several gazillion results for "description"!)



Descriptions set via File -> File Commands -> Set Description are stored in descript.ion files.

(Dependent on configuration, at least. Go to Settings -> Preferences and type descript.ion into the filter at the bottom to find the relevant option(s).)

(If it's something you use a lot you might want to move the command to a more convenient place.)

Thanks Leo. After posting that I did manage to find the FAQ about it. For some reason I have missed that one in the past.

So now I have the Set Description icon on the toolbar and I also edited the Info Tips to include the description for all files.

Thanks again!


So now I have the Set Description icon on the toolbar and I also edited the Info Tips to include the description for all files.
How is that done?

You can select the desc type from insert menu in -> Options -> File types -> all files & folders -> "edit" -> info tip.

You can select the desc type from insert menu in -> Options -> File types -> all files & folders -> "edit" -> info tip.[/quote]
Sorry, how do I get to Options? Do you mean Tools|File Options or Preferences?
I can not find File Types in either one...

It should be in the top row, where "file", "edit" etc. are. Sorry for that, i have it set in german, but i think it´s "options" or "settings".
The third entry from top is "file types".

OK. So I find the insert field drop-down box, but desc is not available. I typed it in manually, but that didn't work :frowning:

Hmm.. Not even inserting {disksize} works. It does not show up in Info Tip.

So now I have the Set Description icon on the toolbar and I also edited the Info Tips to include the description for all files.
How is that done?[/quote]


Read this FAQ to see how to add the description to the info tips. As for adding the "Set Description" icon to the toolbar, just right click on a blank area of the toolbar, click on "Customize..", select the Commands tab and scroll down in "All Commands" till you see the "Set Description" icon and text. Now left-click on the icon with your mouse and drag it on to your toolbar and drop it in any location that you find to be convenient.



On your menu bar, click on Settings and then File Types. Once the File Types dialog box opens click on "All Files" to highlight it. Now click on the Edit button at the lower right. Click on the Info Tip tab - third from the left - and then click to place your cursor just after the last item showing in the detail box. Mine was "Size: {sizeauto}". Now press the Enter key to go to the next line. Type "Description"", then press the space bar as many times as necessary to get your cursor just below the {sizeauto} text on the line above. Once your cursor is there, click on the "Insert Field" button at the bottom. Mouse over the General item and a fly-out menu appears with a long list of items from which to select. Click on "Description". That will place the text {desc} at the spot where your cursor was last placed. Now click "OK" at the bottom right of that dialog and then click "Close" on the File Types dialog. If you have placed a Set Description icon on your toolbar as per my previous post then highlight a file, click that icon, and type your description in the resultant box. Once done click OK to close that box. Now mouse over that filename and you should see your description in the balloon tip that appears.

Let me know how that works for you. :slight_smile:


BTW, above where I typed 'Type "Description"", then press...' that double quote is a typo; it should read 'Type "Description:", then press...'

Sorry about that!


Thank you for the detailed explanation. I didn't see your post until now (somehow I no longer receive the notification Emails).
It only works partially;

  1. It now works fine for most file types; the description column and Info tip shows the same description (after I add it).

  2. However, I still can not get this to work when I try to add descriptions to an executable file ( *.exe). After I add a comment (e.g. "Test"), the results vary with the *.exe file.
    For example, with some exe files the description column shows "Test", but the there is nothing shown in the Info tip.
    With other exe files, the column shows: "Test - File Version: 10.2.5" and the Info tip just shows "Description: setup.exe".

Maybe there is some kind of conflict with the {desc} variable for exe files?

p.s. If I set it up using "description" (with quotes) the Info tip also shows the quotes. It also works fine w/o the quotes.

Oddly enough I just noticed that my Info Tips descriptions weren't working yesterday and I was trying to diagnose why. You just called it: they were indeed .exe files!

I don’t know if something is wrong there or if this is by design, though I can't think of any reason they would design descriptions to not show on .exe files.



It may be a difference in how the infotips are configured on your .exe filetype, or Programs filetype group, in Settings -> File Types.

Yes, you are right.
Do file groups overrides any setting made for "All files"?
If so, I guess we need to add the description field for "All files" and also each individual group?

'All files' is the second most generic file type (only 'All files and folders' is more generic) so almost everything overrides it.