File containing preferences

I have had to reload Opus after a computer crash. I have saved almost all files on the C drive to a separate drive, and would like to import the preferences settings, rather than reconstruct preferences. Is there a folder or file that contains the previous settings?

If you type the alias dopusdata, you will find the folder ConfigFiles, which contains all kind of configuration data, which may help you (in the .ocx format). But it's always better to do a full restore from a regular backup, if possible. Replacing single ocx files could possibly lead to problems.

Sorry, i forgot to mention how to use the aliases. Just type /dopusdata into your breadcrumb bar (a click in the area behind the path will change the breadcrumb field into some CLI).

This guide explains how to locate your configuration files, both using the alias Abr suggests (the easiest way to locate your live config) and by path (which you'll need to use to find your them in your backup):

How to backup or locate your Opus configuration (Simple) (see the Locating the config files by hand section).

If you manually copy your old config backup to your live system, make sure you fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) first. (Do not just close all windows. That won't normally exit the program.) If you copy the config while Opus is running then some of the changes will be ignored and overwritten the next time Opus exits.