File date accessed question

I have a folder of music files. Each day I start playing the top file. I want the first track I hear to be the one that I haven't heard in a long time, so I have sorted the folder by "Accessed" from oldest to newest. The problem is that when I double-click a file to play it, and close the file, it doesn't change the "Accessed" date. Am I misunderstanding what "Accessed" means? Is there a way to do what I want in Dopus? Thanks.

The accessed timestamp is maintained by the OS. Opus.just reports what the OS says it is, the same as File Explorer will show. Opus isn't involved beyond that.

The accessed timestamp is essentially meaningless, and a relic from earlier versions of Windows. (Even going as far back as Windows 95, it was never very useful. Older versions of Windows updated it so often that it basically always said "now" if you looked at it. Newer versions of Windows update it so rarely, if at all, that it tells you nothing.)

Is it possible to set up DO so that 1) when I open a file in a certain folder, it will automatically write the current time as metadata, and 2) it can sort that folder by the metadata time? Or (similarly) that it will modify the file and then sort by modified time?

Note that the "last access" time field is disabled by default in Windows these days, but you can re-enable it (at the cost of some performance) if you want:

Thanks! Based on the user comments in the thread, it looks like the ability to change it was removed recently.

You could do something like that via scripting but it would be reasonably complicated (more than just a couple of lines of code).

There are lots of media players which track which files/episodes have been watched, if that's the aim.

I looked around for a media player that can remember playlist position or can play oldest track first. I couldn't find one. If you have any recommendations, I would appreciate them. I don't want to just play unplayed tracks, because I do listen to tracks more than once.

For music, Foobar 2000 will remember which track was playing if you launch it again (without telling it to play anything else).

Thanks; never heard of this one. I'll try it.