File details incredibly slow to load info in larger folders. Blue circle in top right corner spins

I'm not sure if I worded my issue properly but whenever a folder starts getting say over 300 video files in it the detailed custom info columns are agonizingly slow to fill in especially the duration of the file and its dimensions and Data Rate.

Then if you hit the back or up arrow by mistake when you enter the folder again its another 30 minute wait. And I have a fast computer that's not the issue.

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Video metadata tends to be slow to extract. You’ll likely see similar performance in most things that extract the same data (unless they cache it).

I remember a year or 2 back it was preloading them I think or I found a setting that gave it a ton more cache to work with.
I'll dig around in the setting using search and see if I can fix it,

I went through every setting for close to an hour and changed about a dozen. I enjoy digging through setting but Dir Opus has a little to many, like 100 too many.

Good news is folders are loading all the file details in the columns I use(which is about 10 and could be slowing it down also) in about 1-2 minutes compared to 25-30 minutes for folders that were 4-5 TB in size and had anywhere from 2000-5000 video files in them. No Sub-folders either just one massive folder.

It's far more than 100 :smiley: