File Exit

As Opus hanged during delete process, I had to kill it thru the taskmanager.

This brought me to the "File Exit" thing though.

"fully exit Opus (File -> Exit Directory Opus)

Normally, I never use Directory Opus' File Exit, but whilst checking it strikes me that it does not show with me.

Assume File Exit has not been replaced by File Close?


You are not using the default Opus 10 toolbars/menus.

Eh.. ?? :confused:

got it! forget it. thanks.

If you want to add the command to your menus, it's here:

Thanks again Leo!

One last question: the button label, right now, as far as I can see, the position should be set on 'per button'-basis.


I don't know whether this can be set globally or at least per toolbar, thus saving space when using large buttons..?

Any 'global' or per toolbar setting might then be overruled by settings per button.


Branching off into a question unrelated to the topic subject of course - but...

I recall some discussion fairly recently about possible refinements to the way the label text position is controlled for toolbar buttons. The way it works now is fairly clear in the manual though... best to break off to a separate topic I think for more discussion.

Sorry for the delay.

Before submitting a new post: any idea where this has been discussed before.
Vainly tried to find previous posts on this.