File Explorer Windows 10 not using directory Opus

Good afternoon, I have a question, as I am evaluating Directory Opus as I loved it when I had my Amiga. In windows 10 on the taskbar there is an icon for file explorer. Whenever I click it, it is not replaced by Directory Opus. I am running in explorer replacement mode and using the pro version for the evaluation of this software. Is this the correct behavior or should Directory Opus be replacing this action as it opens the default explorer action? I am running windows 10 64 bit pro

Explorer Replacement is so that if a program launches a folder (without explicitly asking for Explorer to open it), or if you double-click a folder on the desktop, or similar, it will open in Opus instead of Explorer.

Explorer Replacement does not prevent you from launching Explorer if you want to use Explorer for some reason (e.g. to test something, or to use something which only works in it for some reason). If you run explorer.exe, or use a taskbar shortcut which runs it, you'll still get Explorer.

Think of it like your default web browser. If something launches an http://... URL, it will open in your default web browser, which may not be Internet Explorer. But you can still explicitly launch Internet Explorer if you want to; you aren't prevented from using it entirely.

To launch Opus from the taskbar instead, unpin the old Explorer shortcut and pin a shortcut to Opus there instead.

Ok thanks, Leo. I understood the context just didn't realize it would still sync up to that. Thanks for clarifying that for me!