File Filter Field Won't Remember My Settings

I have the file filter field and it works perfectly except that it doesn't want to remember my settings. For example, I repeatedly right click on it and change the settings to "view filter" and "filter in real time." The problem is that whenever I close the lister the settings completely disappear and revert to their default settings of "Files and Folders" and the "Filter in Real Time" unchecked.

Is there a way to make DO remember these settings? It's a bit of nuisance right now having to repeatedly change it everytime I need to use it.

Instead of right clicking, try left clicking over the icon within the file filter field, that should bring up a new menu where you can set your preferences.

Unfortunately I get the same menu and the same issue whether I right-click or left-click on the icon.

See the docs at ... ontrol.htm (last line on that page.)

Ha, great! So I had to put the following in my argument field: "local, view, realtime". It looks like everything is fine now and that my settings are being saved. Let's hope it keeps working crosses fingers

Thanks for the help.

There's also a FAQ for this. :slight_smile:

Who has time to look at the FAQs!??!? :slight_smile:

Some of them are quite FAQQing pretty, mate. Well worth a looksie, me old mukka, once you're off the dog & bone.