File/folder frame to follow highlighted file/folder with marquee selection


Is there any option to force the file/folder frame (the empty rectangle around a file/folder) to follow a file/folder selection, especially with a marquee selection?

In the image below, we can see that Test1 is still framed after a marquee selection of Test4-7 has been made.

The inconvenience it causes to me is that when I hit F2 to rename Test4-7, it renames Test1 instead.

I'd rather prefer that the frame automatically goes on the top first highlighted file instead, like on the image below.

Otherwise, would there be an option/command that would allow to rename the highlighted file(s)/folder(s) instead of the framed one?

Out of curiosity, I've tried in the Windows 10 File Explorer and the frame doesn't follow the marquee selection either, but if I hit F2, it will allow me to rename the ones highlighted.


Not overly elegant, but seems to work:

Rename INLINE 


Rename INLINE=single

or simply


The frame indicates which item has keyboard focus, which is not always the same as selection.

F2 in Opus does a single-file rename of the item with keyboard focus. (It can also rename multiple files at once, similar to Explorer, but that's really just for compatibility with Explorer and a very simple multi-file rename like Explorer's, because people asked for it.)

If you select multiple files and click the Rename button (or Ctrl+3 hotkey by default), that will open the Rename dialog for renaming multiple files at once in a much more powerful way. The files in that will be the selected files, not the one with keyboard focus (unless it's also selected, of course).

What am I missing here? I can't find any way to get the frame/keyboard focus to not follow the file selection.

If you hold the control key down you can move the focus without changing the selection. You can also use drag-select to select files without changing the focus.


I performed a few other tests and I'd like to apologize and rectify something (I should have triple-checked before posting :grin:):

The behavior merely seems to happen if doing a marquee selection on only one file that doesn't have the keyboard focus:

So, on two or more files which none of them has the keyboard focus, rename (F2) will work for the highlighted files despite the fact that, as seen on the images below, it's the one that has the focus on which looks like to be renamed (but won't be in the end):

In the end, I could simply select one file/folder by clicking on it instead of performing a marquee selection (I understand that a marquee selection for only one file might seem odd, but it's just a very old habit I have in a certain situation).

Or, as suggested by Leo, to use the DOpus Rename function instead (I usually whether use the F2 or the Ctrl+3 rename functions depending on the situation).

Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. By the way, what an outstanding community there is on this forum. Thanks a lot for your fast replies!

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