File/folder name suggestions feature request

When working with files and directories I tend to repeat similar actions of renaming and folder creation. I think it may be a feature of most of well-organized folder structures. For example if I have a folder of numbered files and the last one is "8" it is very likely that I will be naming new file as "9".

My feature suggestion is:


  • I perform inline rename of a file or folder
  • I create a new directory
  • I perform move as or copy as operation with new file/folder name dialog open
  • I rename file in a dialog that appears when file/folder already exists at destination folder
  • I create a new file with a right-click context menu of a lister and I'm in a stage of entering its name

Assuming that:

  • Destination folder isn't empty and it contains at least one item of the kind I'm operating on (so folder when creating folder, file if renaming a file etc)


  • I would expect that Opus suggest me a new name of the file/folder, display me such suggestion in some kind of hint/tooltip that I could accept by pressing single key (both name suggestion and key to accept it should be mentioned in such hint). Such key would make the operation auto-proceed (so not only set the new name but also accept it like I would press Enter). Any other action (typing anything else) should make the suggestion disappear.
  • Nice to have: there could be secondary suggestion assigned to other key if algorithm detects it. Secondary suggestion could ignore folders-files division.

Detect numbers inside names and suggest last detected number being increased (including leading zeros if any).
Example files:

  • Run 4 health 012.jpg
  • Run 4 health 013.jpg
  • Run 4 health 014.jpg
    Run 4 health 015.

Try to match existing items with popular date patterns like YYYY-MM-DD or YY-MM-DD or MM/DD/YYYY and few more and suggest current date if it's not there yet.
Example folders:

  • Taxes paid 2023-01
  • Taxes paid 2023-03
  • Taxes paid 2023-08
    Suggestion (assuming it's Apr of 2024):
    Taxes paid 2024-04

Algorithm could have a threshold of items matching detected pattern. It could for example offer a suggestion if at least 70% of items of such kind in destination folder matches detected pattern (increasing number with the same rest of the name or such).


  • There should be a setting to disable the whole thing
  • There should be a setting to configure convenient key activating the suggestion.
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