"File Function" popup

  1. About 50% of the time when I cut/copy and paste (using right-click menu) large directories/files, I get the extremely annoying extra popup "File Function - Directory Opus" dialog.

I understand this is the default progress dialog when "progress bar speed timer" is turned off, but since I always have that option turned on (for "Any Location"), the dialog is a duplicate (and did I mention, extremely annoying).

I have tried turning "Delayed progress indicators" on and off, as well as different delay settings, but nothing seems to help much.

Since file copy support (pause/resume, etc) is one of the primary reasons I use DOpus, this is very important to me.

  1. How about adding file operation queues to the feature list. Now that would make me a happy customer! :smiley:

Does the same thing happen if you use Ctrl-C/Ctl-V instead of the right-click menu?

I usually use the hotkeys and have never seen the extra progress window appear when pasting files. If it only happens for you when using the menu then I'll try using that for a while and see I can reproduce it. If not then we'll need to work out what else is different...

Presumably you haven't changed the Copy/Cut/Paste items on the menu? (It's possible to edit their commands to do different things.)

Has been discussed a lot already on this forum. GPSoftware have said they plan to add it.

I tried a few times today and couldn't seem to reproduce the problem using Ctrl-C/V/P - I almost exclusively use right-click menus. I will continue to monitor this.

Also I noticed today that when right-click menu pasting onto a drive letter in dopus, the default windows progress dialog shows instead of the dopus file handling progress windows.

The context menu for drives is generated by the Windows shell so it'll do the same thing that Explorer does. (At least right now. Could change in the future.)

Sorry to jump in on this topic, but I have to say, I've never seen a progress dialog like that in my many months of using Opus! I always see the default Windows version.

How do I make that lovely creature appear?

Turn the progress bar speed timer on:

I've reproduced the extra progress dialog when pasting into a sub-folder via the folder context menu. I've sent GPSoftware the steps to reproduce it.