File icons disappeared

The file application icons have disappeared from file lists on my C drive, but they still appear where they were copied on my external drive for the same folder. I completely exited Dopus and then tried again but same problem persists. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Do you see the same thing in Explorer?

No - in Explorer the icons appear.

In that case, please try the suggestions in this similar, recent thread:

The problem is most likely an icon/overlay shell extension installed by something which is crashing when called by Opus. For some reason, several cloud storage apps have beeb doing this recently, at least some versions of them, but there are other types of alp which may also be involved. The ShellExView tool described in the post will let you see, and try disabling, the extensions your system has installed.

Thanks Leo. I downloaded ShellExView and found that Google Drive (works in the cloud) was listed; it might be the culprit, because just after installing it the icons disappeared in Dopus. Should I now disable what is shown in ShellExView for Google Drive?

Google Drive has been known to cause problems for some other people (although it's fine for others), so that seems quite likely.

Try disabling just the icon handler and icon overlay handler items first, since they are the only ones which should be involved with icons. (If you still have problems or run into stability issues as well, it may be worth a try to disable the other Google Drive items, or try uninstalling Google Drive, to check if it is related. Of course, it's always possible that it is innocent, but it's a good bet that it's involved at this stage.)

I disabled the icon overlay handler (there were several), exited Dopus, rebooted and found the icons had reappeared, albeit slightly strange-looking (a small overlay on them), but I can live with that. Thanks a lot Leo.