File list does not refresh after rename (Kaspersky issue)


I've upgraded to 12.19, and now I observe strange behavior:

  • when renaming folders, the new name isn't displayed until the pane is explicitly refreshed
  • when renaming files, there appears a new file with the new name next to the old file, which vanishes upon an explicit refresh

Check this short video:

I've upgraded to 12.19.3(beta) but it didn't make any difference.

Is there a new setting somewhere buried deep in the preferences that prevents the automatic refresh upon inline rename, or is this a bug?

Which version did you update from? I can't think of anything that should have affected this in 12.19 itself, so it might be something else that changed around the same time.

Try a reboot if you haven't already. Someone recently had a similar issue and found it went after rebooting.

Failing that, please try the suggestions and diagnostics here:

I've done some testing:

  • reboot does a full Opus exit and it didn't help
  • no_external_change_notify is set to false
  • it happens on local drives (haven't checked network ones yet)
  • happens to both NTFS junctions and normal folders (and files)
  • no filtering is applied

As for the antivirus, Kaspersky was removed and reinstalled recently. But I had Kaspersky prior and it didn't cause such problems

It doesn't affect Windows Explorer, the changes are refreshed there instantly when they are made in Windows Explorer. However, the changes made in Windows Explorer are reflected in Directory Opus in the same weird form as if the changes were made in DO (folder changes only shown after a manual refresh, file duplicates with new and old names, vanishing after manual refresh).
If the changes are made in Directory Opus, it behaves is even weirder, even the folders are duplicated in Windows Explorer, albeit temporarily (they disappear after a refresh).

Edit: also, Kaspersky is not activated yet, its protection components are reported as not running.

New video here.

Please try the Debugging (notify_debug) part of the linked post, and post or send us the output, along with details on which file/folder was renamed as part of the test.

Done. Here's the file: (7.0 KB)

It only shows ren_new items. Shouldn't it show some ren_old (or whatever) items as well?

Kaspersky is probably the cause of the problem. It sounds identical to this:

There's a simple test app I wrote lower down that thread which can be used to confirm the issue isn't restricted to Opus, and to show to the admins or Kaspersky, to help them believe there's a real problem

I agree. That POS of a software is causing me problems again and again. It also screws Sandboxie. But company says it is to be used, and so it is used. Even if it occasionally costs me hours (or days) to make that damned thing stop interfering with my work.

One of your posts mentioned some stack overflow post where the OP said Kaspersky can be configured to be less a*****e-ish, but I cannot figure out how they've done it. Can you lend some help there, please?

I don't know any more than what's in the Stack Overflow post, sorry.

The SO post talks about a white list, so maybe try getting your company to whitelist dopus.exe and see if it makes a difference (unless you have the ability to do it yourself).

I've tried but so far nothing seems to help. I've been allowed to remove it (alas, only temporarily) because it interferes not only with Opus but some development tools as well.